We partner with ChowMatch, a third party provider that smartly pairs food donations with volunteers and recipients that feed hungry people.

On ChowMatch you will:
  1. Sign our drivers pledge
  2. Learn basic food handling guidelines
  3. Take a quick quiz
  4. Sign up for your first food recovery run!
The sign up process takes about 30 minutes.
 Click Here to get started

Help Us End Hunger
Fight Climate Change

Your support makes a Difference!

“I am a new volunteer driver for FoodCycle LA…I took my first pick up mission at Trader Joes. This was healthy food that could no longer be sold. …..This food would otherwise go straight into landfills and be wasted. I didn’t realize the magnitude of my gesture until a mother approached me with tears in her eyes. She told me that the loaf of bread, eggs, and apples would be the only food that her family would have in their home that day. This was an eye-opening and life changing moment for me. I am so grateful to be a part of FoodCycle LA’s program and look forward to doing more work with them.”

– Lealani, Food Recovery Volunteer

Volunteer Now

  • To get started, all you need is a car and a little bit of time.
  • You can sign up alone or with friends and family and have an option to volunteer as they’re able to or set up a weekly pickup.
  • If signing up with a group for a weekly pickup, you can recover food together or take turns every week.
  • Ready to make a difference? Join us through ChowMatch.

Other Ways to Get Involved

  • Sign up here to volunteer time in other ways than driving.
  • We graciously accept financial donations. Your contribution means we can continue to make sure that more hungry people are fed and to fight the devastating impact of food waste on climate change. Visit our Donate page for more information.
  • Check out our Donate Food page to learn how to donate your excess food and receive tax benefits in the process.

Volunteer FAQs

Anyone with a valid driver’s license, a vehicle, and personal auto insurance. Minors are able to volunteer with someone over 18, such as a parent or guardian.

Yes! We will work with minors if they need to earn credit for community service.

Volunteers are able to recover food whenever it’s convenient or set up a weekly schedule. Food deliveries typically take less than an hour and can feed dozens of people.

We offer a food safety program that will teach volunteers everything they need to know about food recovery. This includes food safety guidelines and a short safety quiz to ensure volunteers are ready to recover!

When a donor has food they would like recovered, the app sends out a notification to volunteers based on their notification preferences and location. Drivers are then able to accept the donation if they’d like, and they’ll be smartly paired with a nearby recipient.

Alternatively, a volunteer can turn off notifications and pop on to the app whenever it’s convenient to see what donations are currently available for pickup. They’re able to choose one or more as they’d like based on their preferences.

It also sets up schedules for our ongoing partner donors and volunteers, for those interested.

Yes! FoodCycle provides appropriate materials for safe food recovery.


  • Stay home if you are sick or have these symptoms: cough, fever, etc
  • Keep hand sanitizer and disposable wipes on hand to wipe down surfaces
  • Wear a reusable mask when picking up food.
  • Wear clean gloves when transferring donations from one bag to another.
  • Access Food Pick-up Zones when available
  • Contactless delivery does NOT apply to Food Rescue.
  • Donations cannot be left on the ground and must stay six inches above.
  • There is little known risk of virus transmission through food delivery
  • Food delivery is an acceptable social distancing practice.
  • According to CDC, no evidence that Covid-19 is food-borne driven or food service driven
  • USDFA and USDA haven’t received reports of any organization transmitting Covid-19 through food or food delivery
  • The biggest risk of transmission are symptomatic individuals

Volunteer Now – Help us Feed People – Not Landfills